Storm Damage (stormd) wrote,
Storm Damage

A Captain of Elendhen

I thought I'd post my character sheet for the campaign I'm journalling, and a little background about my character.

Moth Carandae grew up the son of a Duke, and is steeped in the ways and manners of the Elven nobility. He is extremely conservative, confident and self-righteous, although he has the sort of charming personality that allows him o carry these traits admirably. He is passionately lawful, and dedicated to expanding the influence and glorious legacy of the Queendom of Elendhen, and, since the death of his Father and the inheritance of his title, the position of his own House within the Queendom. Since the recent death of the Crown Prince, he has been quietly calculating his odds of making an eventual bid to inherit the Throne...

CREATION NOTES: We were instructed to make level 3 characters, with starting (level 1) treasure (but were allowed to fudge over that limit a bit for some mundane supplies).

Moth Carandae @ level 3
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