Storm Damage (stormd) wrote,
Storm Damage

Parking memories

I was catching up on xkcd yesterday and came across this strip.

I was instantly transported back to SAIC in Atlanta where there was this one douchebag who used to park his convertible Eclipse JUST like that, taking up two spaces diagonally in the lot. What's more, he used to go out to his car on lunch breaks and after work, and he would actually take off his shirt to drive around with the top down. We would watch and laugh at him from our office window, because he was a complete tool.

So, one of my coworkers and I went to war with him. Since we both drove really ratty subcompacts, neither of us gave a shit if he banged up our doors. We parked right up on either side of his car, about an inch away from his mirrors, so he had to climb into his car to get in. I don't still have the photos, but he was really annoyed at not being able to open his doors, and he was looking around all angry. Then he pulled out really carefully so he didn't scratch his paint.

The next day he parked farther away from the building, and we did it again.

The next day, he parked normally.
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