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Into the darkness...

Before descending to the burrow beneath the Riverrun warehouse, we dispatched Emma to report back our findings and intentions to Leoben in the Capital. Then, after a quick respite, we said farewell to Riverrun and dropped into the darkness.

The tunnel was hand-dug, and quite large. We followed what appeared to be the tracks of a small band of kobolds carrying a heavy load. While we could not determine what their burden was, we could see their footfalls left prints much deeper than a small creature would make, and there were bits of coal littering the ground behind where they had walked. We came across a single kobold who attempted to flee and warn its comrades, but an expert shot by Dox felled and silenced it.

When we finally found the other end of the tunnel, dawn was approaching. Outside, behind a pile of boulders, we could hear arguing over spoils, and Dox crept close to observe what was going on. He quietly waved us forward to see a large ogre in the center of a small campsite squabbling with another kobold worm-priest over some food or such that the kobold insisted was for Kos. As we planned an ambush, Unimportant stumbled upon the rubble and alerted the monsters to our presence. As a few more kobolds darted out of tents, we leapt into action. As the rest of the party shot down the kobolds from afar, I engaged the Ogre, and suffered a massive blow from its club. As I endeavored to regain my wits, my comrades dispatched the other creatures and helped surround the massive brute. Finally, I hove my axe deeply into its leg, felling it like a tree. We piled the bodies among the boulders, mounting the ogre's head atop its club as a warning to any more of Kos' minions that might find our handiwork. Then we made camp for the day and night, resting before following the trail of heavy footfalls and dropped coal to the east, toward the dread fortress Fang's Keep.

On the second day, we overheard the jeering voices of hobgoblins engaged in mischief, not far from our trail. detouring through the wood, we came upon a group of them on a riverbank, baiting a shackled unicorn with wolves. The sight of the magnificent animal reduced to such suffering ignited a fury like fire in me, and I urged my comrades to attack immediately. Needing no further prodding to come to such a righteous rescue, we all blazed forth from the thicked, catching the barbaric poachers completely unawares. The first fell almost immediately to Dox's ruthless assault, but the other two loosed their wolves and retreated back to harry us with spells and arrows. Again I almost fell, both to the shaman's magic and the hunter's arrow, but I kept my resolve firm. As we dispatched the wolves, Unimportant engaged the shaman in a battle of sorcery, and I charged the hunter, anger driving me to cleave him nearly in twain. Our witch subdued their shaman, and brought him to me for questioning, as she and Aislin tended to the unicorn, releasing it from bondage. The ladies drew lots for the shaman's magical staff, and Aislin claimed it.

My heart lifted as the great beast shook its mane free from the chain, and thanked us as he lept through the feywild to the opposite riverbank, and galloped off. Truly it is moments such as this that justify all of my grim labor to bring the Queen's Law to the forest domains. I was moved to pray a thanksgiving at that time, so grateful was I that our rescue was successful.

As the ladies drew lots for the shaman's magical staff, I turned my attention to the prisoner, seeking to learn if he was also connected to the wizard Kos, and where his warband was camped. Unfortunately, he held his tonge with bitter resolve through my aggressive interrogations. Finally growing weary of the fruitless questioning, I delivered his soul to the forest spirits for judgment. I doubt they will look more mercifully on a poacher of unicorns than I did.

As we settled down to rest, the spirits of the glade came to the sound of Aislin's singing, bringing to us water and sustinence, clearing soft beds of grass and moss for us to lie on, and they watch over us even now as we relax. A careful examination of the hobgoblins tracks indicated that they may have come from further east along the same trail we've been following. In the morning, we shall continue to explore it, all the way to Fang's Keep if necessary. I am more resolute than ever that Kos be brought to justice and peace restored to the forest queendom our fathers have labored so long to build.

Treasure: +1 staff, 2x 100gp gems, 200gp coins
XP Start: 2715
XP Gain: 388
XP Total: 3103
Tags: dnd
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