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A Bloody Trail...

This is the War-Journal of His Grace, Captain Moth Carandae, of the Elendhen Royal Advance Guard, relating events of our latest campaign, DM'd by Sergio, and played by Shannon, Jackie, Tara, Daniel and myself.

Leoben the Royal Spymaster of Elendhen has recruited me to lead a small band to investigate and retaliate against marauding bands of Kobolds who have been plauging the Queendom's trade-roads. These Kobold attacks have been growing in frequency and dispersion, even as their strength has spread out to commit more attacks while dispsersing their numbers and making it difficult to engage them in a decisive battle.

Our band consists of Myself, Aislin, a shape-changing court spy who reports to Leoben, Emma, a worthy half-elf soldier-chaplain who served with me on our last campaign, Dox, a half-elf layabout of dubious upbringing and character, and Unimportant, a witch descended from the ancient Fiend Empire.

We are ordered to masquerade as a small trade caravan to Riverrun, repelling any attacks we come across along the way. Once in Riverrun, we are to meet with Gregor the Watch Captain and ply him for information and clues as to the movements and objectives of these Kobolds.

Along the way, we are set upon by a band of Kobolds, which we put to the sword. One of the beasts escaped, and two were captured alive. We interrogated the prisoners, who claimed they received orders from a wizard named Kos, and that their organization had infiltrated the town of Riverrun. They also confessed to multiple robberies and murders before their ill-fated attempt on our wagon, so after conscripting them to bury their accomplices, we executed them.

Once in Riverrun, we noted teeming activity around the docks, where huge stacks of lumber and tools were being moved about the city's industrial district. After washing off the grime and filth of the road and battle, we presented ourselves to Gregor, who had little info on the Kobold's activities, and little more about the suspicious boom in construction materiel in his town, although he did mention a new gang in town, known as the Mudlarks, that we may want to investigate. I made a mental note to report back to Leoben on the state of Gregor's Watch, which is clearly overstretched and unable to manage a growing port town without additional good men.

Gregor pointed us in the direction of the Salty Mug, where we met his friend Reginald, and procured rooms for our stay. Reginald knew of the Mudlarks, although he said none were in the inn that evening. I got a description of their colors and leader, then we caroused in the common room for a while, meeting another gang of ruffians known as the Ravens. We also befriended a team of dock-workers, who accepted Dox and my application to join their crew for the morrow's labors.

The next day, we broke our backs under the sun, hauling beams of stout lumber and crates of what appeared to be mining tools to where a team of dwarfs was hauling them to an unmarked warehouse. That evening, we returned to the warehouse to investigate.

Aislin scouted the building for us, and then Dox quietly picked the locks and gained us entrance. We caught the unfortunate monsters completely by surprise. A shaman of some sort was performing a ritual that seemingly transformed one of the kobolds into a dwarf. We slew them all, including several elite guards, and a guardian drake they had on watch.

They had little in the way of treasure, but a quick survey of the warehouse revealed a trap door under a table that leads down into freshly-dug tunnels. We are now preparing to descend and investigate...

Region: Elendhen Forest Road and Riverrun
Treasur: NONE :(
XP Start: 2250
XP Gain: 465
XP Total: 2715
Tags: dnd
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