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Examples of completely useless people...

Exhibit A - Ethan:

HP's web designers don't know how to make a site that isn't a confusing clusterfuck, and I couldn't figure out which options to select to get the warranty I wanted for a quote I was putting together. Figuring the company's employees would know how to operate the site, I clicked "Chat with an HP Representative" and was greeted by Ethan. Here is the transcript of our conversation.

Guest: Hi Ethan
Ethan: Hi there!
Guest: I have a question about the warranty options.
Guest: when I'm choosing from the drop down menus
Guest: Warranty and service upgrades- 9x5 Next Business Day Onsite Warranty and service upgrades- Accidental Damage Protection
Guest: Do I pick one or the other
Guest: or if I want the ADP, do I have to pick the NBD service also?
Ethan: To clarify,you are looking for an assistance before you purchase, Am I right?
Guest: I'm trying to put together a quote for my boss
Ethan: Great, I appreciate your interest in HP!
Ethan: May I know the HP product line that you are looking to purchase?
Guest: Compaq 6730s
Ethan: Glad to transfer you to the specialist for this product.
Ethan: A few quick questions before we begin to help get you to the right consultant. Are you a government, health or educational institution and will you be reselling this product/solution?
Guest: no, just a small business. I've already got the system specced out, I'm just trying to figure out these warranty options
Ethan: Thank you for the information and your patience. Please hold a moment while I transfer you to a specialist now. Be sure to ask about our solutions that can save your business time and money.
Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited sales specialist.

Ethan then transferred me to Chad, who read the above log, and answered my question without needing any further clarification.
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