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Picking my favorite olympic moments

Hard to do, I'm a total junky. I've hardly got any sleep the past two weeks from being glued to the TV and/or internet watching sports I only watch once every four years, but there I'd be at 3AM, knowing I have to get up at 6, watching China play Tadjikistan in Badminton simply because when the best in the world are competing at what they're best at, I am fascinated and can't look away.

I can't not agree with the obvious highlights.

Usain Bolt is just insanely fast, like Son of the Wind God, and watching him smash the competition was just stunning.

Michael Phelps is also a freak of nature. Just fascinating to watch him go to work, and hard not to root for him.

Lesser known, and lesser-credited athletes, however, I think also deserve applause.

Choi Min Ho, of Korea, ipponed his way to the gold medal in 60kg Judo, and he's just a very exciting little guy to watch, and a great sportsman.

The U.S. Women's Fencing team swept the individual sabre competiton, claiming the whole podium for themselves, which was awesome. Becca Ward had a nail-biter comeback from a 6-1 deficit to win the Bronze medal match at La Belle (15-14).

Angel Valodia Matos of Cuba stood up to a corrupt asshole Taekwondo referee making a bullshit call and disqualifying him from a medal match by KICKING THE REFEREE IN THE FACE!

Ultimate wincing moment was shared with anyone who watched Janos Baranyai of Hungary attempt to lift almost twice his body weight in a Snatch, and fail...spectacularly.

Do not click this link if you have a weak stomach.

Finally, here is a small collection of excellent Olympic photography I found.

Sad commentary on Olympic Boxing - there is an approximately 1 in 5 chance this punch scored a point:

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