Storm Damage (stormd) wrote,
Storm Damage

Remember kids, always look on the bright side!

[15:25] St0rmD: so I'm epileptic, and incidentally the mri revealed a brain tumor I didn't know I had.
[15:25] St0rmD: which is most likely benign, but hey, free brain tumor
[15:26] hi3ro5ant: holy balls
[15:26] hi3ro5ant: is that one coming out
[15:27] St0rmD: not in the near future. It's on my right auditory nerve. I'm going for a hearing test next week and we're going to just play it by ear so to speak (ha), and take another mri next year to see if it grows
[15:27] St0rmD: if I get any hearing loss or funnines then we'll bump that schedule up and start discussing removal
[15:27] hi3ro5ant: they don't know if it's cancerous?
[15:27] St0rmD: they're fairly certain it's not
[15:28] St0rmD: I don't know how, but he didn't seem very concerned about it
[15:28] hi3ro5ant: good, because i'm all out of cancer jokes
[15:28] St0rmD: yeah I'm all out of cancer jokes too, and I just gave away all my damn hair
[15:28] St0rmD: wouldn't that be ironic
[15:28] hi3ro5ant: like rain on your wedding day
[15:29] hi3ro5ant: or, cancer.
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